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Our Story

A Global & Small-Scale Provider of Wine & Spririts

Private Label Wine & Spirits has been an industry leader since our founding in 1998.  We have produced, developed and sold numerous brands through the years and with several subsidiaries.  We’ve grown accustomed to working with companies and projects of all sizes, and providing products to wholesalers and dealers worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards of our industry.

Known for meticulous and reliable work over the past 23 years, our company has become known as one of the original full service Private Label Beverage Manufacturers and Commemorative Wine Companies in the US. We personally know each of our supplier partners, distributors. We provide quality inspection and testing with guaranteed authentication with every craft-made beverage we sell.  

Private Label Wine & Spirits is a Kentucky based company specializing in Kentucky Bourbon / Whiskey from the number one producing region in the world and custom labeled California Wines.  

Glass of Red Wine
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