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Here at Private Label Wine & Spirits, our products are created with the highest quality materials and assembled with the most advanced techniques available in the industry. From ideation through execution, we proudly produce everything with our guarantee of quality and authenticity.  We several programs and services to fit your business goals and project budget.  

Develop custom labeled wine spirits


We believe that proper adult beverage branding, analysis and marketing dramatically influence the success of every brand. Branding helps the buyer distill information, simplify choices, and make decisions. We collaborate and assist in the development of your brands position, character, and purpose for a successful buyer presentation and consumer selection.  Branding is critical for startups and established brands seeking growth and long-term profitability.   We offer our clients NEW BRANDS:

  • Brand exposure, placement, representation and visibility at International & Regional  Trade Shows, Tasting & Consumer Events, Airport & Airline Venues, Licensed & Sponsored Events, and Co-Op Marketplaces.

  • Logo, Packaging, Label Design, Story Development, Taste Profile & Demographic Analysis

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PLVS contract bottling services provide the adult beverage industry with direct affordable, high quality bottling service with flexible options subject to rigorous protocols and standards for quality and safety. Our experienced Quality Control professionals use stringent oversight methods to assure industry standards to meet our client's specifications and comply with all government regulations. Our warehouse and partnerships are licensed, bonded and insured for production and storage of all wine or spirits, making us an ideal choice for one-stop bottling and packing. We offer:

  • Customized flavor profile development and blended formulations

  • Custom bottling for small craft brands to national brands

  • Multi-size bottling capabilities, styles and labelling - 50ml, 175ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter, Kegged Wines, Canned, Boxed & Pouches.

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PLVS is a leader in Private Labeled Wine and Spirits. We specialize in high-quality California Bulk Wine, and Craft-made Spirits from Kentucky or domestically. We offer exceptional service and competitive pricing. Contact us today for your bulk wine and spirit needs. We offer:

  • Aged Bourbon/Whiskey

  • US-produced neutral grain spirits

  • Vodka, Gin, Rum, Scotch, and Tequila

  • Domestic and International Wine, Prosecco & Sparkling Goods.

  • Bottles, Boxed, Canned, Miniatures, or Alcohol-Free

  • Available in ISO containers, totes, barrels, and kegs

Wine Barrels


We offer Private Barrel Programs for maturation and investment. We can select or custom craft Bourbon or Whiskey, aged in oak barrels for maturation 1-4 years.  We handle all the details and Master Distillery oversight while stored & aged to perfection at our bonded warehouse in Kentucky or Tennessee.  

We have the perfect program to begin or expand your own aged craft spirit.  We can create a custom turn-key brand with our team of industry experts,  with our aged barrel program.  We offer:

  • Aged Bourbon & Whiskey Barrels, 1-4 years old

  • New Fill Whiskey & Bourbon Barrels for maturation

  • High return investment on aging Bourbon / Whiskey Barrels / pre-sold



PLVS is a global exporter for your bulk or bottled goods. Our buyers service is turn-key as we handle all export requirements. We offer wholesale distributor representation for the brands and products we produce at straightforward competitive rates. We provide brand representation for our clients brands domestically and international. Our premier wine and spirit brands have enjoyed national success in top national categories and have received numerous awards, accolades and recognition.  We offer the highest quality wine & spirits at the most competitive prices.  We offer:

  • Wine & Spirits for export and domestic sale  

  • Bulk, Bottled, Domestic, International & Export Sales

  • Brokering services for Export, Bulk Sales, Bottling & Brand Support

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