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You Asked, We Answered

What’s the minimum order amount?

The minimum order quantity for Private Labeled Wine or Spirits development start at 1-2 pallets.  Standard pallets hold 56-60 cases. Standard cases hold (12) 750ml bottles. Minimum orders can vary based on bottle size, bulk container size, alc %, and customization.

What type of license or permit is required to produce a Private Label Wine or Spirit?

No special license is required to develop Private Label Wine or Spirit or to be a Brand Owner.  However the purchaser or receiver of alcoholic beverages is required to hold specific license types or permits per transaction type based on State and Federal regulations.  Our services, partnerships and license help facilitate the transactions when necessary or needed.  We suggest scheduling a call with a Brand Development Manager to review your options.

How long does it take to produce a Private Label Wine or Spirit Label?

The average time from full development to production of your Private Label Brand is six months.  Each project varies based on spirit type, volume, formulation, sourcing, packaging, brand and label development, regulatory, compliance, and program services for your brand.

What does a bottle/case cost for Private Label Wine or Spirits.

Production Case Pricing is based on 9-liter case prices (12 bottles). A standard bottle of wine averages $7-$14 , while Spirits average $3-$25 a bottle.  We base our production case price on three factors:
(1) Bulk Price of Wine or Spirits
(2) Total Package Cost
(3) Bottling & Production

How does your Private Label Program work?

Private Label Development for new wine or spirit brands have many variables involved. There are three main categories involved with New Brand Development.  (1) Pre-Brand Launch, (2) Post-Brand Launch and Brand Production. 
We recommend scheduling a free consultation call with a Brand Manager to review your specific project goals and customize a program or services that best fit your needs.  No two projects are the same.

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